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Keizaron, Spokane, Washington. 217 likes. This is Keizaron here! I am a 25 year old speedrunner in Spokane, Washington! I aim for a high quality level of execution in my runs while also providing.

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14.08.2019  · “Got this beautiful handmade scarf in the mail from @teaflower565! Thank you very much, it’ll certainly help in a couple months! ️”

Keizaron: I’ll throw the second reason over to Hobz, because this first reason is one that I really like pointing out often. Speedrunning started out as segmented runs. It didn’t used to be done all in one sitting. Actually, a really good example of this is with some of the classic Doom games. They were really focused on individual levels, or ILs for short, segmented and pieced together.

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Hey Keizaron! You have become one of my favorite runners to watch, despite (or because of) the clear fact that you have been cursed by a wizard to fail at every run you ever attempt for an audience. Keep up the great work! level 2. Pokemon, Battle Network Original Poster 14 points · 11 months ago. Thank you! It’s always cool to hear that people are fans! Continue this thread level 1. 44.

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Keizaron: I am Steven Eisner, better known as ‘Keizaron’ on Twitch, Twitter, etc. Hobz: And I am Jeff Hobson, better known as ‘JHobz’, a speedrunner and staffer at Games Done Quick. OR: How long have you both been speedrunning games for, and what got you into speedrunning in the first place? K: I’m going to let you go first Hobz, mine is a little long winded. *laughs* H: I have been.

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